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IndiMusic Studios is dedicated to bringing independent artists into the spotlight with
high-quality recording, mixing, mastering and production services. With a team of professional engineers and producers, no project is out of reach.

Rates starting as low as $50 hr

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Using high quality instruments, microphones and preamps we can get your desired sound recorded quickly and cleanly into our Pro Tools rig. 


Mastering is all about taking all of your tracks and glueing them together into a cohesive album. It's like washing a car then applying a nice coat of wax. It goes from nice to shiny. And we like shiny. 


Our engineers are well-versed in the art of slicing and dicing. Whether it is aligning your rythmn with elastic audio, tuning vocals with Celemony Melodyne, or performing Audio Rescue on a damaged recording, we are the guys for the job. 




We have the training and experience necessary to make the absolute best use of our Pro Tools and Reason software as well as numerous plugins and bundles from developers such as Waves, Focusrite, and more!



Our CEO is a well renowned producer who has been in the industry for over 35 years. He's worked with everybody. We're pretty sure he recorded Santa once. Naturally, we're good at what we do. 


With clean mics and pre's, a great atmosphere, and a friendly staff, all that you need to bring is your beautiful voice!         ...and the pizza. 


 Audio Restoration:

Is your audio plagued with unwanted noise, hum, clicks, pops, or other gremlins? No worries, send it to us and we will help you exorcise your recording's demons!

We can also help to clean up transfers from older mediums such as Vinyl to lessen noise without damaging the important high end!

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