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*World Class Music Videos starting at $1000 complete!

      Think our WORLD CLASS studio is out of reach

                          THINK AGAIN!!!

Located in Central Long Island only minutes from the Ronkonkoma Train Station and Macarthur Airport, IndiMusic Studios is perfectly positioned to offer the best recording, mixing, and production experience to Long Island, New York City, and Tri-State artists. We are equipped with every tool necessary to make a high quality product from the recording stage right up to the final mixdown.

Come check us out or take the virtual tour!


With a full arsenal of instruments, high quality mics, state of the art Pre's, and a top notch DAW, we can get you Your Sound!


Our engineers are equipped with all of the tools and knowledge necessary to refine your recording into a cohesive, memorable and balanced mix.


It takes that last bit of shimmer and detail to set your album apart from the pack. Making it special is our specialty.

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